TED Talks

Jason Redmond / TED

I have been covering the TED Talks for more than ten years now. The 2023 edition was all about Artificial Intelligence (AI), with some of the most interesting talks I have seen in all those years.

I wrote to Folha de S.Paulo about a surreal talk when TED chief Chris Anderson had his face “deedfaked” in real time while interviewing Tom Graham, Metaphysic’s CEO.

Check out the photo below to see the ‘magic’ – Anderson’s face shows up on Graham’s on the big screen, and even his voice was imitated. A lady from the audience had the pleasure to be transformed into Anderson as well. Quite creepy.

My full report here: Real-time deepfake is used on TED chief during TED talk

I also wrote about Greg Brockman (OpenAI) and the new tools coming to ChatGPT, plus the talks from other AI specialists: the super skeptic Eliezer Yudkowsky, the military expert Alexandr Wang, and the educator San Khan.

My full report here: ChatGPT shows off new tools, as TED ponders AI’s controversial future

TED 2022

I was very happy to get back to the physical TED Talks in 2022 after two years of virtual ones.

I covered it for Folha de S.Paulo and for Ecoa, writing a dozen stories.

TED Conference arranged a brilliant program of speakers, including Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Garry Kasparov, and Adam Mosseri, the Instagram CEO that I interviewed after his talk.

Here are my stories from TED 2022 to Folha de S.Paulo

Garry Kasparov and the war in Ukraine

Bill Gates proposes international task force to prevent pandemics

Elon Musk wants to end the bot armies on Twitter

Adam Mosseri interview

Me, Adam Mosseri (middle) and Cordae – Photo TED 2022

Here are my TED 2022 stories to Ecoa:

French artist JR creates giant mural for war refugees from Ukraine

Campaign raises R$1 million to send incubators to babies in Ukraine

First “chief heat officer” in Europe wants to make Greece greener

Inspired by Luke Skywalker, Peruvian creates futuristic and cheap prostheses


Jungle expeditions research praying mantis and discover new species in Brazil

Previous TED coverage


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