A lion in Hollywood Hills

photo from National Park Service

One of my favorites stories to write in 2021 was about P-22. Everybody knows P-22 in Los Angeles. It stands for Puma number 22. This 11-year-old mountain lion lives alone in Griffith Park, and from time to time makes an appearance in the cameras of the Hollywood Hills houses.

The P-22 story was done for Ecoa and you can read it here in Portuguese. It includes a video from a house in Hollywood Hills that captured the lion wandering the street at night.

Beth Pratt, director at National Wildlife Federation in California

P-22 became the poster boy for wildlife conservation efforts in Los Angeles, the second major metropolis in the world to live with mountain lions. The city is trying to build a wildlife cross over one of the busiest freeways in the country in order to expand the space for the animals and avoid their extinction due to isolation.

I got an award for this story from the Los Angeles Press Club in 2022.

It was the 64th Southern California Journalism Awards, and I actually got two awards. The second one was for a piece I wrote for Folha de S.Paulo about the artists running away to the Coachella Valley desert to make art during the pandemic. The story is here.

And you can read more about the awards in a story Folha wrote about me.

My trophies from the 64th Southern California Journalism Awards in 2022


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